Wednesday, June 1

June Monthly Special

50% OFF
It's one for the guys this month - although there are a lot of girls who would also love these images!  The Cruisin' set features three classic cars with six mixed sentiments, and during the month of June you can pick it up for just $5.00.  Check in store for lots of great card-making ideas and creative inspiration.

WAS $10.00
NOW $5.00

This special price is available from the 1st of June 2016 until the 30th of June 2016 (AEST).
Beccy Muir reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration of the sale period for any reason or at any time.

May Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the May Challenge Winners!
KatnissFan, Cass and Red Obsession Cards
You are the randomly chosen winners of last months challenge.
Please email me at to claim your prize.

June Challenge


Create a card or paper-craft project using any Beccy's Place image, upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. The challenge runs from now until midnight on the 30th of June 2016 (AEST).

Your project must be created during the month of June 2016.  You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your card to any other challenge you wish. At the end of the month three random winners will be chosen to receive their choice of either a full set of digital stamps or three individual digital images from my online store.

Each month I will include a re-mastered digital image from my library of freebies, as well as a new, coordinating 12" x 12" digital paper.  You DO NOT have to use these particular items on your project, but you MUST use a Beccy's Place image, either free or purchased, to be eligible for entry.

Beccy's Place designers may enter the monthly challenge but are not eligible to win prizes.

Sunday, May 29

Negative Colouring Cards

I finally took some photos of the cards I created with the images I coloured last week (click HERE for a link to the post).  I really enjoyed the negative colouring technique and am hoping to experiment with a few other base colours for a different look... and hopefully something that's a little easier to coordinate with!

Friday, May 27

New Release: Milton Set

Today's new digital set is all about encouragement... from cheering on our kids at school to supporting our friends through difficult situations, and let's face it, we all need a little reassurance from time to time.

Milton Set

As always, my fabulous designers have put together some wonderful, whimsical and clever projects to help inspire your creativity.  Enjoy!

AJ's Card

Anesha's Gift Bag

Annie's Card

Carla's Creation

Judy's Card

Karin's Trifold Card

Petra's Card

Tuesday, May 24

Bullion Roses

Don't forget this month's special deal!
Bullion Roses Set
50% off

WAS $10.00
NOW $5.00

This special price is available from the 1st of May 2016 until the 31st of May 2016 (AEST).
Beccy Muir reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration of the sale period for any reason or at any time.

Monday, May 16

Sweet Peas

My negative colouring project from last week has finally resulted in a card!  I decided to start with the sweet pea image, and matched it with some pretty blue and very soft yellow paper, which is actually flocked with little flowers.

Stamps: Beccy's Place

Friday, May 13

New Release: Narcissus

When I was a kid, there was an elderly man in our neighbourhood who grew the biggest, reddest, juiciest tomatoes in a vegetable garden behind his house.  He would sell them in big bags for just a couple of dollars, and boy were they sweet!  He used to cinch the bags, which were recycled from the grocery store, with twist ties that he saved from bread bags before those little plastic clasps were introduced.  He also grew gorgeous sweet-peas that he would sometimes bundle in pieces of newspaper and give to the ladies who bought his vegetables.  These days he would be considered a master recycler, but back then, in the days of plastic, plastic and more plastic, there was something simple and wholesome about his newspaper and recycled twist ties.  Needless to say, my trip down memory lane was the inspiration behind my latest set of digital images.

Narcissus Set

Narcissus Digital Paper Set

As always, my fabulous designers have created some beautiful projects featuring this latest set.  I'm sure you'll be inspired by what they have to offer.

Anesha's Card

Anesha's decorated wine bottle

Annie's Card

Carla's Card

Judy's Creation

A tag by Karin

Karin's Card

Petra's Card

Thursday, May 12

Negative Colouring

I've been in the mood for colouring lately, but didn't really feel like going through the motions of choosing colours and making sure I had coordinating papers to create cards, etc. etc.  To get my fix, I opted for some negative colouring instead, which is where you colour the highlights in the image rather than the shadows.  I have a little tutorial HERE if anyone is interested in having a go.

EDIT:  The images in this post are digitals, printed on dark brown cardstock with black ink and then coloured over with white pencils.  You could use any colour cardstock as long as there is enough contrast between the colour you choose and your white pencil.

A close up of the poppies.  As you can see, I printed these in two sizes for a bit of variation.  It was a lot easier colouring the larger image because I had more room to work with, but on the down side there was a lot more colouring to do!

Wild Rose

Pink Iris


After colouring the images, I sprayed them with a light coat of matt sealant to prevent the soft white pencil from smudging.  I'm hoping to use them on some cards during the week.

Digital stamps available for purchase from Beccy's Place

Monday, May 9

Tutorial: Handbag Card

Time to get girly with this pretty handbag shaped card that also features a little pocket for money or a gift card.  If you keep the embellishments to a minimum, and change the handle to a length of ribbon, it will fold up flat for posting.  How cool is that?!


1.  Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 12" x 41/2".  Lay it horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 31/2", 41/4", 43/4", 51/4", 6", and 91/2".  Fold along the score lines in the following way: mountain fold, valley fold, mountain, valley, mountain, mountain.

2.  Using a pencil and ruler, mark 1/2" down from the top, left-hand side of your card, then mark 1/2" up from the bottom, left-hand side of your card.
Now, measuring across from the top, left-hand corner, mark your card at 23/4".  Then measuring across from the bottom, left-hand corner, mark you card at 23/4".
Join the top two marks and then join the bottom two marks to make your two cut lines.  Refer to the template above.

3.  Use a craft knife or trimmer to cut along both lines.  Your card should look like the photo below.

4.  Measure and mark a horizontal line 1/2" from the top of the card.  It should start at the last score line and finish at the right-hand edge of the card.
Measure and mark a horizontal line 1/2" from the bottom of the card.  It should start at the last score line and finish at the right-hand edge of the card.

5.  Measure and mark along the top edge of the card, 3/4" from the second last score line.  Draw a line from that mark to the top horizontal line you made in step 4.
Measure and mark along the bottom edge of the card, 3/4" from the second last score line.  Draw a line from that mark to the bottom horizontal line you made in step 4.  (See the photo below)

6.  Use a craft knife to cut along both lines.  Your card should look like the photo below.

7.  I decided to add a pretty edge on the front flap of my card using a die.  You can just as easily use a border punch or simply round off the corners with a corner punch.  The photos below will give you an idea of how to add a fancy edge using a die.  Note that the cutting edge of the die is facing down.

8.  Now flip your card over so we can work on the inside.

9.  To form the little pocket for our gift card, simply add a little glue or double-sided tape to the middle fold.  In the photo below, you'll notice that I've scribbled some pencil marks on the areas where I added glue.  As you can see, I only added it on the very edges.  Make sure your glue or tape is strong enough to hold the pocket closed... I used some glossy accents.

10.  Pinch the sides closed until the glue dries.  You'll be able to slip a gift card, personal note or some money into the little pocket you've created. 

11.  The base of your card is now complete and you're ready to move on to decorating.

12.  I chose some pieces of pretty paper and cut them to size using my card base as a template for the different sections.  I then inked all the edges of the patterned paper and the card, including the folds, and glued everything in place.

13.  To add a closure, I used a little punch to make two slots in the centre of the top flap.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the punch far enough into the front of the card to make the second set of holes, so I ended up using a craft knife and ruler to cut them out.  

14.  Open the card and thread a length of ribbon through the front section.  Secure it with a dab of glue or some strong double-sided tape.  The ends of the ribbon should be threaded evenly through the two slots to the outside of the card.  To tie the card closed, feed the ribbon ends through the slots on the top flap and tie in a bow.  (Alternatively, you could add a clip or magnet closure, or perhaps a simple slot that you tuck the front flap into.)

A gift card, personal message or money will fit nicely into the centre pocket you created.  When the card is opened, your gift will be presented to the recipient.

15.  Let's add a handle.  Cut a strip of cardstock measuring 7" x 1/2".  (If you want a longer handle simply cut a longer piece of cardstock.)

16.  Use your score board to score a short line in the centre of each end to make it easier to pinch the sides together.  My score lines were only about 1/2" long.  

17.  Use some strong glue to attach the cardstock to the inside of the card.  Position one end evenly over the fold line, about 1/4" from the edge.

18.  Wrap the handle around the outside of the card and glue the end in place on the other side of the card.

19.  Gently bend the handle upward to form a neat little tuck. 

20.  Now you can embellish to your heart's desire... have fun!

Photographs, template and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir